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Do you want a mature Russian Lady as your Russian girlfriend or Russian bride? is not an international bride broker service. We do not sell any contact information, but instead provide a service for men to submit their information free of charge to ladies who may be interested. We also offer plenty of information regarding travel to Russia, romance tours, and Russian women in general. There are links to other sites that offer foreign bride dating services and information, but they are not part of this site.

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Some men know instinctively that a 30+-year-old Russian women just may be the most sexy, desirable and loyal girlfriend or wife in the world. Lady of Russia makes available some Russian ladies' profiles for free. Most of the Russian women listed on this page are all at least 35 years old.

Your initial email contact with any lady MUST be via our internal mail system - we do this to protect the lady's private e-mail address from spammers and other undesirables. If the lady has interest in you and what you have to say, she will gladly give you her direct e-mail address eventually, so relax and get to know her!

Name: Olga
DOB: 16/06/1957
Age: 49
Height: 162
Weight: 67
Name: Elena
DOB: 02/08/1969
Age: 37
Height: 156
Weight: 48
Name: Elena
DOB: 02/05/1968
Age: 38
Height: 167
Weight: 50

Name: Marina
DOB: 05/10/1961
Age: 45
Height: 165
Weight: 63
Name: Valentina
DOB: 20/11/1949
Age: 56
Height: 162
Weight: 65
Name: Irina
DOB: 23/06/1965
Age: 42
Height: 170
Weight: 67

Name: Gulnara
DOB: 09/08/1969
Age: 37
Height: 167
Weight: 59
Name: Larissa
DOB : 28/11/1964
Age: 42
Height : 167
Weight: 56
Age: 38
Height: 167
Weight: 66

Name: Irina
DOB: 21/01/1959
Age: 48
Height: 162
Weight: 53
Name: Olga
DOB: 23/08/1968
Age: 38
Height: 164
Weight: 56
Name: Elena
DOB: 11/04/1967
Age: 39
Height: 166
Weight: 60

Name: Inna
Age: 32
Name: Svetlana
DOB: 29/08/1964
Height: 160
Weight: 62
 Name: Galina   
 Date of birth: 21.02.1968
Age: 38
Weight: 70

Name: Evgeniya
Date of birth: 13.08.1952
Age 54
Height - 163
Weight - 75


Name: Galina
Age: 38
Height: 172
Weight: 80

Essential reading: corresponding with russian ladies

To correspond with any of these ladies send your personal bio information and a photo to us here. Only sincere requests are accepted, as each of these ladies is sincere in meeting a future husband. It is a free service!

Meeting a mature Russian lady used to mean making that long trip to mother Russia. While this is still an effective way to meet mature Russian ladies, especially on an organized romance tour, your options for meeting Russian women are much broader today. You can start simply by browsing profiles of Russian women on legitimate sites. Take careful note to seek out mature Russian women who are truly interested in meeting foreign men. More often than not, you’ll find that a Russian woman is looking for love both in her home country and abroad because there are limited opportunities in Russia. The stereotype of Russian men is unloving and insensitive, so when a mature Russian lady starts looking abroad it’s probably because she wants a tender and caring boyfriend or husband. Is that you? A Russian bride might be right for you if you want a beautiful, loving and mature woman. It doesnt take much effort to start an e-mail correspondence with a Russian lady after browsing the free profiles. Who knows, you may end up with a gorgeous, mature Russian bride!

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