Privacy Policy

Lady of Russia is committed to protecting the privacy of our visitors. We will not sell or distribute the e-mail addresses which our users may submit.
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will the email address of any client or lady be sold or given or traded or in any other fashion be given to anyone outside the Lady of Russia organization - The answer is NO , NO , NO - your email address and other personal information stays here at Lady of Russia.

Lady f Russia does not currently use cookies for its visitors. If this policy changes, we will post it here.

Scammer Policy - we recommend

Zero tolerance - we , and our partner agencies , do our very best to assure a
safe and honest experience , but we must always be aware that some women will attempt to take advantage of any given situation - in the event that any of the ladies attempt to run a scam on you , PLEASE contact us immediately so that we can remove her from our data base and alert other agencies to be on the lookout - the scammer women are always looking for an agency that is not on to their bad habits - this is our sincere pledge -
 Lady of Russia