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Do you want a mature Russian Lady as your Russian girlfriend? is not an international bride broker service. We do not sell any contact information, but instead provide a service for men to submit their information free of charge to ladies who may be interested. We also offer plenty of information regarding travel to Russia, romance tours, and Russian women in general. There are links to other sites that offer foreign bride dating services and information, but they are not part of this site.

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Women from Russia are attracted to men from the West for various reasons. They are looking for love and marriage, and for that reason alone Russian brides expect a dedicated and responsible man. When asked what they look for in a man, Russian singles almost universally respond that they want a caring and affectionate man. While some want a physically robust man, nearly all desire above all an emotionally strong man. They expect and value men who take the initiative and know what they want, but also have a balanced and caring nature. A lovely Russian woman is not unlike a fair princess waiting for her Prince Charming. And though you are not expected to be perfect, being a true gentleman goes a long way towards winning the heart of a Russian girl!

So I'm her type of guy. Is a Russian girl my type?

Russian women make excellent girlfriends, wives, and mothers. By nature of their upbringing, they are self-sacrificing, and take scrupulous care of their loved ones, especially their husbands and children. You can expect a Russian girlfriend to be very loving and affectionate, after an initial period of shyness. Yes, those striking Russian girls might be exceptionally timid at first until you make them feel that they can trust you. Russian women quickly gain confidence in a boyfriend or husband who has a generous and caring attitude, a man who attends to her needs. Once a Russian woman feels comfortable (both with you and in a new culture), she will return that love with more tenderness than you could ever have believed.

A Russian girlfriend is a genuine treasure. She is beautiful, educated, talented, and sincere. Western men are drawn to Russian women because of their stunning eyes and elegant figures. But they quickly learn that that striking their Russian girlfriend is more importantly a faithfully sweet and divine woman— a real princess.

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