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First Date With A Russian Woman - Some Tips

So you think you may be interested in dating a girl from Eastern Europe? You should expect to pay for the date.

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To pay or not to pay: why do Ukrainian and Russian women always expect to be invited?

One of the biggest cultural differences between Ukrainian and Russian women and American men is that the man is expected to invite the woman for a date, and he is expected to pay for the date himself. Without knowing our culture, men find this insulting and consider it old-fashioned. We aren't being rude; it's just one of the many differences in our cultures.

Men looking for a Russian or Ukrainian bride should be familiar with the cultural differences and differences in traditions to avoid a potential problem. Learning about the culture and dating traditions in our part of the world can help men understand a future partner. The differences are also evident from the woman's point of view. Many Ukrainian and Russian women assume American men are similar to Ukrainian men.

Ukrainian and Russian women and American women are very different in their expectations about dating and marriage. In Western cultures, women are more independent and will offer to split the bill for a date or pay for it themselves. As she spends more time in the Western culture, some Ukrainian and Russian women will offer to split the bill because she feels like it is the right thing to do, but this does not mean she is comfortable with this practice.

Another factor for American men to take into consideration is that the Ukrainian and Russian society is very traditional. In our culture, the man is the breadwinner and the head of the family. The woman's role in the family is the mother and takes care of her husband by being a good wife. Children grow up learning these ideals and it is taken for granted that the man should pay for the woman.

Once American men understand these two cultural differences, he can learn how to have a successful relationship with a Ukrainian and Russian woman. He can learn more about differences in dating and family life by discussing it with his partner but be careful to approach the subject with caution.

This is a sensitive subject for most women, and he will want to avoid offending her. Men looking to date a woman from the Ukraine and Russia should accept that he will be expected to take the initiative in asking her out, and he is also expected to pay for each date. Some women will eventually become comfortable with paying or splitting the bill, but not all women do.

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