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Ukrainian Wedding Customs

So you think you may be interested in marrying a girl from Eastern Europe? Find out what a Ukrainian about their customs on wedding day.

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A country's customs is what makes a region unique. Many people throughout the world are switching to western practices. Understanding and valuing a countries specific customs is a way to preserve the past. The Ukrainian wedding ceremony is an intricate, fun filled celebration. Some couples still uphold this original ritual. Traditional Ukrainian wedding customs create an event that is a joy to watch and participate in for all.

A prospective groom will first approach the potential bride's family to ask for the bride's hand. He will be given horilka, which is a Ukrainian vodka. Two official witnesses are chosen from each family called the starostys. The bride drapes an embroidered towel called a rushnyky around them.

The couple exchanges bread. A korovai bread is then made to celebrate the community and family. The couple also give shyshka bread to their guests. They walk through town with the bread as a way to welcome their guests to the wedding.

Traditional Ukrainian ceremonies are held on Sundays, but the festivities start earlier. A goodbye party is held for the bride on Friday. A tree for the wedding table called the hiltse is also made on Friday. The marriage contract is signed on Saturday. The celebration is not over after the ceremony on Sunday.

A dinner is then held for the bride and groom at their respective houses. The groom goes to collect his bride but is not allowed entry until he pays with horilka and money. The mischievous spirit of this game continues during the festivities as individuals will play pranks and misbehave.

Cake is eaten and gifts are given at brides' house and again when the couple travels to the groom's house. The bride receives a wedding chest, and everyone joins the couple for breakfast the next morning. This celebration is exciting for everyone involved.

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