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Do you want a sexy Russian Lady as your Russian girlfriend? is not an international bride broker service. We do not sell any contact information, but instead provide a service for men to submit their information free of charge to ladies who may be interested. We also offer plenty of information regarding travel to Russia, romance tours, and Russian women in general. There are links to other sites that offer foreign bride dating services and information, but they are not part of this site.

Do you want a sexy Russian Lady as your Russian girlfriend?



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Lady of Russia features photos and links to ladies from Russia and the former Soviet Union states and territories.

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    Free Russian Women -  Featured on this page are a few Russian ladies who you can contact for free. Just send your introduction letter to Lady of Russia  and it will be forwarded to the lady or ladies of your choice. If the lady is interested and wants to write to you we will forward her letter to you and she can give you contact information as she chooses. Be sure to check back to this page for new Free Ladies profiles.
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    Surname: Chukova
    Name: Olga
    Patronymic name: Jurievna
    Date of birth: 05.10.1977
    Age: 29
    Height: 168
    Weight: 55


    Surname: Prikazchikova
    Name: Svetlana
    Patronymic name: Vladimirovna
    Date of birth: 05.09.1975
    Age: 31
    Height: 164
    Weight: 53
      Russian bride Eugenia
    Surname: Egorova
    Name: Eugenia
    Patronymic name: Vladimirovna
    Date of birth: 10.11.1975
    Age: 31
    Height: 164
    Weight: 51
    Russia lady Valentina
    Surname: Zhukova
    Name: Valentina
    Patronymic name: Sergeevna
    Date of birth: 07.03.1974
    Age: 33
    Height: 170
    Weight: 53
      Sexy Lady Julia
    Surname: Sedova
    Name: Julia
    Patronymic name: Nikolaevna
    Date of birth: 08.12.1976
    Age: 30
    Height: 168
    Weight: 59
      Beautiful woman Tatiana
    Surname: Tsibina
    Name: Tatiana
    Patronymic name: Viktorovna
    Date of birth: 02.07.1971
    Age: 35
    Height: 160
    Weight: 47
    Sofia is cute
    First Name: Sophi
    Last name: Sakhitova
    Date of birth: 08/07/1981
           Age: 25             
    Height: 169
    Weight: 57
      Lovely Svetlana
    Name: Svetlana
    Patronymic name: Alexsandrovna
    Date of birth: 28/02/1965
    Age: 42
    Height: 167
    Weight: 59
      Sexy Larissa is looking for love
    Name: Larissa
    DOB : 10/07/1977
    Age: 29
    Height : 175
    Weight: 68

    Name: Lubov
    Date of birth: 01/04/1978
    Age 28
    Height - 165
    Weight - 59
    Name: Olesya
    DOB: 19/11/1982
    Age: 25
    Height: 168
    Weight: 59
      Beautiful lady Galiya
    Name: Galiya
    DOB: 08/07/1981
    Age: 25
    Height: 169
    Weight: 57

    To correspond with any of these ladies send your personal bio information and a photo to us here.

     We do not sell these ladies contact information. It is a free service but you must submit your information to us so we can pass it along. Only sincere requests are accepted as each of these ladies is sincere in meeting a future husband.

    Free Russian Women and Mail Order Brides that you can contact for free. We are not a Marriage Broker since we do not sell Russian lady's contact information.

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