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Russian Dating, Singles and Personals is not an international bride broker service. We do not sell any contact information, but instead provide a service for men to submit their information free of charge to ladies who may be interested. We also offer plenty of information regarding travel to Russia, romance tours, and Russian women in general. There are links to other sites that offer foreign bride dating services and information, but they are not part of this site.

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This is your 101 course in Russian dating, romance tours, and foreign brides! Learn why lonely Russian women are searching in new places for love and marriage.

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Q: Why would a Russian woman seek a husband abroad?

There are a few possible answers to this question. The most common answer is that there are not enough good men in Russia for each good woman. Because of poor health conditions, alcoholism and other problems, demographically speaking, there are significantly more women than men in Eastern Europe. Because marriage is extremely important in Russian culture, this leaves a small percentage of highly desirable women unhappy with their choice in men or unable to find a suitable partner. By itself, this isn’t reason enough. The true answer is even simpler: just like you, a Russian woman may be unsatisfied or  lonely, and is casting a wider net.

Q: How are Russian women different from Western women?

I recommend you read my article about Russian women first. But here’s the short answer. Russian women are much more tolerant, considerate, loyal—and let’s face it—feminine than American girls. They are naturally beautiful, stylish, and take care of themselves. Russian universities are excellent and accessible, and so most women are talented and well educated. They are looking for a true partner in life and marriage. They do not seek to “compete” with their husbands as American women tend to do. For Russian women, marriage is about forming one life together, not two in parallel.

Q: Do Russian women speak English?

The Russian education system makes 7 years of English compulsory, and any girl who has attended university gains another 3. What this really means is that Russian women can read and write quite well, but need practice speaking. Women in big cities usually speak better than most, but all Russians have the base necessary to quickly come up to speed in English. Don’t worry, you’ll find out immediately when you start corresponding!

Q: Is a Russian girl different than a girl from Latvia, or Ukraine, or other former Soviet-bloc country?

Sure. But so is a man from New York and a man from Arkansas, a Canadian from an Australian. When you talk about women and love, you quickly find that individual personalities are far more significant than nationality. Generally speaking, Eastern Europeans all have a similar cultural background when compared with the West, and you can expect the information here to apply to all these countries.

Q: Are Eastern European women interested in living anywhere besides America?

Yes. Just as people generalize by saying “Russian women,” we generalize by saying America. In fact, some girls are actually more interested in men from Europe because it is closer to home or a family member lives there. Truthfully, women are much less concerned with the country than the man. They are trying to find a good husband—wherever he may live.

Q: Are “romance tours” and other marriage socials a good idea?

They really are. Nothing can replace the chemistry of talking and laughing with a lonely Russian woman in person. Of course it’s amazing to be surrounded by tens or even hundreds of beautiful woman and speak freely to anyone. But more importantly, these face-to-face events seem to have the most success for a lasting and compatible match. You can read more about romance tours here.